Danielle Hayes Mount Maunganui

Mount Maunganui

Diary Of A Beach DwellerWeb ID: EMT3420

Mt Maunganui 42B Tay Street
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6.00am - wake up, throw on activewear. 6.05am - hit the beach, feel the sunrise on your face. 6.45am - home again, check your Fitbit, 5kms, not bad. 6.50am - enjoy a well earned shower, hunt for Havvies in dressing room. 7.00am - espresso, avocado on toast, take a moment to savour the view. 7.30am - ready to exit the garage, come on kids, mind the bikes, boards, boat and border collie. 8.10am - kids on board, Blake Park drop off, kids can walk home. 8.20am - New World, back to 42B, so close. 9.00am - surf check from the balcony, might go for a wave later. 12.30pm - lunch with Sally at Tay St cafe across the way, nice. 2.30pm - swim in the sea, walk home, wash off the salt. 5.30pm - chill the beers for tonight's BBQ. 7.00pm - guests arrive, open doors to the deck. 10.00pm - soak in spa. 11.30pm - fall into bed listening to the ocean.